Terms & Conditions

LottosOnline Affiliate Program (“ReferLottos”)
Terms and Conditions




“Affiliate Program” or “ReferLottos” means the official Affiliate Program of LottosOnline, ReferLottos, and its Affiliates or Sub-Affiliates that have register and joined.


“Unique Tracking Code” or “UTC” means a code allocated to each Affiliate in order for ReferLottos to identify and track the referred players any revenue generated for LottosOnline by that Affiliate.


“Affiliate” means any registered user of the ReferLottos Affiliate Program with an allocated UTC, as reflected in the context of these Terms and Conditions.


“Sub-Affiliate” means a normal Affiliate within the Affiliate Program who is referred and introduced to ReferLottos by an existing Affiliate of ReferLottos.


“Commission” means funds owed to Affiliates for Revenue generated from Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate referrals calculated as a percentage (%) of Revenue defined above.


“Revenue” means NET Revenue as determined by ReferLottos using the following calculation;

Net Revenue = Total Revenue – (Cost of Tickets + Marketing Costs + Chargebacks)


“Terms and Conditions” or “Agreement” means these ReferLottos Terms and Conditions and any amendments or updates made as posted on the ReferLottos website from time to time.


  1. 1. ReferLottos is the Affiliate Program of LottosOnline, an online lottery ticket agent service provider.


  1. 2. These Terms and Conditions and any updates and amendments are binding on any Affiliate when they receive a Unique Tracking Code (UTC) from ReferLottos. Any Affiliate who does not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions may not receive a UTC from ReferLottos or must give notice to LottosOnline to cancel its UTC if it does not accept any amendments or updates to these Terms and Conditions as posted on the ReferLottos website.


  1. 3. The UTC will be used to track and conclusively determine any referred players which the Affiliate has referred to LottosOnline. The Affiliate identified by the UTC will receive commission for the revenue generated by referred players as follows:


  1. 4. The percentage of Revenue generated by Affiliates depends on the number of players referred to LottosOnline in each calendar month. Where a referral by an Affiliate is the effective cause of Revenue generated for LottosOnline (through new subscriptions to LottosOnline) that Affiliate will receive a Commission on the revenue generated from those referred players as set out below.

    Number of New Players Per Calendar Month% of Net Revenue You Receive
    0 - 20 New Players25%
    21 - 40 New Players30%
    41 - 60 New Players35%
    More than 60 New Players40%


  1. 5. ReferLottos may, at its sole discretion, offer a cost per acquisition (CPA) commission structure to Affiliates. Any CPA deal offering is entirely discretionary and is governed exclusively by these Terms and Conditions.


  1. 6. In addition to the Commission structure set out above, Affiliates who successfully refer Sub-Affiliates to ReferLottos will receive ten percent (10%) of the Commission generated by that Sub-Affiliates.


  1. 7. A referral shall occur when an Affiliate’s UTC registers that the Affiliate was the effective cause for the referred player being directed to LottosOnline which, according to ReferLottos, generated revenue for LottosOnline.


  1. 8. An Affiliate agreement may be terminated (cancelled) by ReferLottos upon twenty four (24) hours written notice to that Affiliate. On termination, any UTC and all links to LottosOnline services will be removed from the Affiliate’s website(s).


  1. 9. Where an Affiliate intends to withdraw (cancel) its Agreement with ReferLottos it must provide two (2) months written notice to ReferLottos.


  1. 10. An Affiliate is only entitled to Commissions generated by a Sub-Affiliate that they have referred and introduced to ReferLottos. Where a Sub-Affiliate of that Affiliate introduces a third party to ReferLottos it is only that Sub-Affiliate who is entitled to Commission on the scale between an Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate. By way of example:


Where Affiliate (A) refers Sub-Affiliate (B) to ReferLottos, Affiliate (A) will receive Commission for Revenue generated from its own referred players and Commision on the Revenue generated from the referred players of Sub-Affiliate (B). Should Sub-Affiliate (B) refer a third party (C) to ReferLottos then (B) will become the Affiliate of (C) and receive Commission from its own referred players and Commission from the Revenue generated by the referred players of (C). (A) will not receive any Commissions from Revenue generated by (C) referred players.


  1. 11. A Sub-Affiliate is bound by these ReferLottos Terms and Conditions in their entirety and (save for Commissions) is regarded as an Affiliate with commensurate obligations and responsibilities of any Affiliate participating in the ReferLottos program.


  1. 12. Any ReferLottos Affiliate may not create a subsidiary entity as a Sub-Affiliate or otherwise represent another person or entity as a Sub-Affiliate to ReferLottos in order to benefit from Commissions under the ReferLottos program.


  1. 13. Affiliates may not register and open a LottosOnline Player account which is linked to their Affiliates UTC.


  1. 14. ReferLottos will communicate the Commissions generated by Sub-Affiliate referred players on a monthly basis to the referring Affilaite. However, Affiliates do not have automatic access to their Sub-Affiliates details. ReferLottos may, in its sole discretion, supply the Sub-Affiliates details to the Affiliate upon written request by the Affiliate.


  1. 15. Where an Affiliate withdraws from ReferLottos and thereafter rejoins the ReferLottos program as an Affiliate that Affiliate will be issued a new UTC and no Commission will be retrospectively paid to that Affiliate for any Commissions which may have been owed to it under its previous UTC.


  1. 16. In the event that LottosOnline offers discounted pricing to Players, Affiliates are reminded that Commission is paid in accordance with Revenue received by LottosOnline. Where LottosOnline received less Revenue for any reason whatsoever Affiliates are only entitled to the Commission relating to the Revenue collected by LottosOnline.


  1. 17. An Affiliate is eligible for payout of Commission only where total Commission exceeds one hundred USD ($100) or its equivalent in another currency. Where a commission owed to an Affiliate is less than one hundred USD ($100) that Commission will be credited to that Affiliates account and until such time as that Affiliates commission is equal to or exceeds one hundred USD ($100) after which point the Commission can be requested and paid out to that Affiliate.


  1. 18. It is the Affiliates responsibility to ensure that its UTC is set up and maintained on any links or websites operated by it. Any Revenue generated from referrals that cannot be tracked by an Affiliates UTC will not be paid to the Affiliate as Commission. ReferLottos will be solely responsible for determining Revenue generated from an Affiliates UTC.


  1. 19. An Affiliate may not post, link, transmit or upload any content on any of its websites or online forums associated with it that is illegal, abusive, threatening or could bring ReferLottos or another member of ReferLottos into disrepute. The Affiliate hereby agrees that ReferLottos will, at its sole discretion, determine whether the conduct of an Affiliate has brought ReferLottos or a ReferLottos member into disrepute.


  1. 20. Where ReferLottos determines that an Affiliate has engaged in conduct mentioned in clause 19 above ReferLottos may cancel that Affiliates membership to ReferLottos or engage in any other disciplinary course of action that (at its sole discretion) it deems appropriate under the circumstances. If membership is cancelled any Commissions owed to that Affiliate will be retained by ReferLottos.


  1. 21. Any party of ReferLottos who has breached these Terms and Conditions is entitled, but not obliged, to notify the other party of its breach and the parties are encouraged to co-operatively find solutions which remedy that breach. Where a remedy is not achieved parties to the ReferLottos program are reminded of their election to withdraw or cancel membership to ReferLottos in accordance with clause 8 and clause 9 above.


  1. 22. No Affiliate may, under any circumstances whatsoever become the registrant or facilitate the registration of any domain name(s) or website(s) which contain the words or similar wording of LottosOnline or any other entities or business owned by Marvicap Ltd. The determination of a domain name or website which fails to comply with the terms of this clause will rest exclusively with ReferLottos.


  1. 23. Any material which unduly confuses or would lead users to believe that an Affiliate is in fact LottosOnline or ReferLottos constitutes a wrongful and material breach of this Agreement. Furthermore an Affiliate may not compete with ReferLottos or LottosOnline in any manner whatsoever, the determination of which will rest exclusively with ReferLottos.


  1. 24. Where an Affiliate has registered a domain in breach of clause 22 and clause above, that Affiliate agrees to transfer all right, title and interest in that domain to ReferLottos.


  1. 25. No Affiliate may bid, cause or assist another business to compete with ReferLottos or LottosOnline in any manner whatsoever. In amplification no Affiliate may bid on any pay-per-click (PPC) search using names or slogans which would ordinarily be associated with ReferLottos or LottosOnline as determined exclusively by ReferLottos. Furthermore, where a generic internet search prioritises that Affiliate or over LottosOnline or in any way causes confusion between it and LottosOnline that Affiliate agrees to enter negative keyword searches into its PPC campaign at its own expense.


  1. 26. ReferLottos makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties as to the correctness or suitability of either its websites or the information in it. ReferLottos, its officers, employees, suppliers, ISPs, partners, Affiliates and agents, shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability, arising or incurred by Affiliates visitors, users or any other persons resulting from the use or inability to use ReferLottos or any of the services offered by it or LottosOnline.


  1. 27. ReferLottos disclaims and excludes all responsibility and liability for any damages, including but not limited to direct, economic, consequential loss or loss of profits, resulting from the use of this website or any other services offered by it or LottosOnline.


  1. 28. ReferLottos has no control over third party content and features which can be accessed through the use of its web site and does not examine or edit such content and features or act as an agent for third parties accessible through its web sites. As such and to the fullest possible extent permissible under law, ReferLottos further disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the use of third party web sites, contents and features, including but not limited to its Affiliates. Affiliates agree to and indemnify and hold harmless ReferLottos, its officers, employees, suppliers, ISPs, partners, Affiliates and agents from any demand, action or application or other proceedings, including attorney’s fees and related costs made by a third party and arising out of or in connection with the third parties use of ReferLottos or any other cause relating to ReferLottos.


  1. 29. Copyright of all information, images, source codes and other material contained in ReferLottos, its websites or and other services offered by it which is not attributed to a third party, is held by or licensed to ReferLottos and/or LottosOnline and/or Marvicap. ReferLottos and/or Marvicap Ltd. asserts and reserves all its rights, including moral rights, in this regard. ReferLottos grants to Affiliates a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable license to use, print and display all content and information belonging to ReferLottos. If an Affiliate detects or suspects that any ReferLottos or Marvicap Ltd.’s copyright material is being infringed by a third party, then that Affiliate shall advise ReferLottos immediately to enable such rights to be enforced.


  1. 30. This Agreement shall be deemed automatically terminated without notice where: an Affiliate does not refer at least one new player to LottosOnline within a six month period.


  1. 31. Parties to these Terms and Conditions, consent and agree to the Privacy Policy of ReferLottos, for detailed and further information regarding the privacy policy please review the ReferLottos Privacy Policy.


  1. 32. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of England, United Kingdom and any dispute or interpretation relating to the ReferLottos program will be determined in accordance with them. Parties subject to these Terms and Conditions agree to solve any disagreement or dispute by mediation and thereafter arbitration and exhaust all other remedies before seeking recourse directly in the courts of England, United Kingdom


  1. 33. No indulgence, variation or relaxation of these Terms and Conditions will represent, waive or alter any party’s rights or obligations relating to ReferLottos. Any variation or amendment to these Terms and Conditions will be conducted in accordance with the procedures set out above.

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