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  • What is an Affiliate?
    An affiliate is someone who promotes and markets a partner’s website or products and in exchange receives commission on the revenue on the traffic they referred. In our case, ReferLottos affiliates promotes the lotteries on offer on to LottosOnline.com and earns commission on the revenue generated from players they referred.
  • What is ReferLottos Affiliate Program?
    ReferLottos affiliate program is a partnership with LottosOnline.com who pays the affiliates a commission on the revenues generated by their referred players that you introduce to LottosOnline.com. ReferLottos is great way to generate extra monthly income from your website’s traffic or other marketing channels that you may have.
  • How do I go about joining ReferLottos and is there a fee involved?
    Fill out the simple registration form found on ReferLottos website and once completed, you can download the marketing tools with tracking codes that you require to help drive traffic and get paid for real cash for the revenue generated. We have simplified the process to be painless and straightforward. There is no fee involved in becoming an affiliate of ReferLottos.
  • How do I promote LottosOnline.com?
    You will be able to choose from our vast selection of creatives and marketing tools that have been optimised to help you be as profitable as you can. Our marketing materials on offer cover dynamic banner ads, lottery specific banners ads, email templates, text links and more.
  • What earnings models does ReferLottos offer and how much commission do I get paid for referring players?
    We offer three earnings models at ReferLottos: 1. Revenue Share (Ranges from 25% up to 40%) 2. Cost per Acquisition (CPA) - subject to approval by affiliate managers 3. Sub-Affiliates – Earn 10% of the referred affiliates revenue We have affiliate managers that are ready to help you choose the best commission structure for your specific needs. For more information on earnings models and commissions.
  • How can I track which players I have referred?
    Each affiliate at ReferLottos is assigned a unique affiliate tracking code that is found and included with all marketing tools that are used by the affiliate. This ensures that affiliate’s referred players are tracked correctly and the revenue generated from their players is reflected in the detailed and live reporting which you can find in the ReferLottos affiliate management platform’s dashboard.
  • Where can I see how much commission I have earned and is due to me?
    You can log into your account in the ReferLottos affiliate management platform, you will be able to see all your reports and stats in the dashboard.
  • How long is an affiliate linked to a player that they have referred?
    In the case of revenue share earnings model, for the lifetime of the player. In the case of CPA, the player is not linked to the affiliate after the affiliate is paid his once off flat rate for referring each player.
  • What is the calculation for working out Net revenue for revenue share?
    Net revenue = Total revenue - (Cost of Tickets + Marketing Costs + Chargebacks). For more information, refer to our Commissions page.
  • How and when is my commission paid out?
    Commissions are paid out in several ways like Wire Transfer or Neteller with all payouts are done by the 15th of each month.
  • What is a sub-affiliate program and how do I refer sub-affiliates?
    When you share the good news about how much real cash you've earned via ReferLottos.com, people will want to join the action. When they sign up, they can tag you as the referring affiliate. In this way, you will be recruiting sub-affiliates where you will be able to extra income based on a commission on the revenue their players generated.
  • How much can I earn off my sub-affiliates?
    ReferLottos affiliate program offers the most generous sub-affiliates commission in the industry. For every referred affiliate you refer to ReferLottos you will receive 10% of your sub-affiliates net revenue once your sub-affiliates start referring new players to LottosOnline.
  • How often are my affiliate statistics updated, and where can I see my affiliate statistics?
    All your traffic and revenue statistics and reporting is updated in real time. You will be able to see your players’ activity and revenues in the dashboard once you have logged into your account on the ReferLottos affiliate management platform.
  • Who can I contact if I need more help?
    We have a team of affiliate managers on standby to answer any further questions, to do so please go to the contact us page and send through your request. Our team will respond to your queries as quickly as possible.
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